August 13, 2012

#MusicMonday- My Olympics hangover playlist.

Well, the Olympics are over and I have entered into a mild state of depression… I don’t know if I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate what was taking place or if the addition of social media heightened the experience (probably some sort of combination of both) but I have never been very interested in the Olympics. For whatever reason, I was 100% hooked on everything even remotely related to the Olympics. So naturally, I’m not ready to let go of the magic that was the Olympics and thankfully Great Britain gave us the Spice Girls reunion to fill the void left by not seeing Ryan Lochte every day…

So here’s the playlist!
Artists from the ceremonies:

Artists that should have been in the closing ceremony:

So for the rest of the day week, I will be obsessing and reminiscing over a magical two weeks+ and start counting down the days until #Rio2016 (when I will be 26 years old… WOAHHH).

Stay Southern y’all,

The Rules

PS- Who do you think should have been in the ceremonies but was left out?

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