September 12, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. This Rebecca Minkoff handbag

I have been obsessively looking for a new fall handbag that is large enough to hold all the things I need day in and day out but stylish enough for me to want to carry it every single day. I love a good camel colored anything for fall transition and fall/winter. I am pretty sure I’ve decided that this one will be mine pretty soon. 

My other Rebecca Minkoff obsessions include:

2. Cheetah Is The New Black (

I found this amazing blog through her Pinterest page.

I started perusing her site and an hour later I realized I was a little bit beyond obsessed. While the majority of her outfits are way too fashion-forward/trendy for me, they are still pretty amazing to admire. Plus, having New York City as her backdrop doesn’t hurt either. Take a look!

3. This picture of Britney Spears that I randomly found saved on my computer (I have no idea where I find it and why I saved it other than it’s amazeeeeee.)

4. The Voice and Sons of Anarchy are back!!!! I don’t know if y’all understand how happy this makes me. Yippieeee!!

#thankyou #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou I love television too much… Oh well.

Stay Southern y’all!


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